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About Flow Friday


Flow Friday is a community for diverse creatives and entrepreneurs with a weekly theme and a free flowing atmosphere. We have discussions, share our talents, support and learn from one another. We used to meet weekly at AMP Studio Café - Now we meet online!



[1] 8pm to 9pm - Creative Flow

Sometimes, it's more fun and efficient to work on projects with the supportive presence and energy of others. Bring a project or start one. Work independently, explore collaboration opportunities or network. The interface of Bramble makes it easy for us to split off into smaller groups.

If you don't have a specific project to work on, you can draw inspiration from the creative prompts that will be in the screen share or chat. The viewing rooms will be updated with videos that you can check out as well.

[2] 9pm to 10pm - Sharing Circle/Discussion

During this segment, there's an opportunity to share whatever's on our minds and then we have a facilitated discussion that's based on the week's topic. So far, these discussions have been very thought-provoking and create a relaxing atmosphere of mutual support and openness. The primary guidelines are: listen attentively and with an open mind/heart, speak from personal experience and don't give advice unless asked for it specifically.


[3] 10:15pm to 11:30pm - Open Stage

This is a platform for ALL forms of expression in any medium or language. Simply jump on the virtual stage and share whatever you feel called to. It can be inspired by the topic, but it doesn't need to be. You can prepare something or improvise. There is a screen share feature if you want to display something visual like artwork or a video. Use this as an experimental and exploratory space as well as an opportunity to give and receive support.

NOTE: You can decide if you want to be present for the whole night, or specific sections. I understand that not all aspects of Flow Friday appeal to everyone, all the time, so please flow in and out as you please.


Please help keep Flow Friday going with a donation. No amount is too big or too small.


Flow Friday is a community for creatives, change makers and entrepreneurs. The format is continuously shifting and transforming according to the energy and dynamics of the people present. Therefore, everyone who attends is part of a vibrant, co-created flow. We have thought-provoking discussions, share our talents, support one another and learn from each other's experiences. We used to meet weekly at AMP Studio Cafe (and will be back there eventually). Then we met outdoors. Now we meet on online!

The present format is a discussion series, workshop and open stage for all forms of creative expression. Although there is a general structure, one of the mottos for this gathering is that the flow will go where it wants to go. Bring an open mind and a desire to experiment.


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