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>>>>> NOW ONLINE EVERY FRIDAY AT 8PM E.S.T - Please register to get your join link to our weekly Zoom discussion and open stage:

NOTE: You only need to register once and then you're able to attend any of the meetings with the same unique join link you receive via email. So save the link.

About Flow Friday


Flow Friday is a community for diverse creatives and entrepreneurs with a weekly theme and a free flowing atmosphere. We have discussions, share our talents, support and learn from one another. We used to meet weekly at AMP Studio Café - Now we meet online!

>>> Schedule

Link opens: 8pm

Come in and get your groove on, while Aiesha spins some specially-selected tunes. Check out what's on the whiteboard and add something.

Discussion Circle: 8:15pm

This is a virtual discussion circle on the week's topic. This portion of the night has sparked some great insights.

Open-stage/Jam: 9:30pm

This is an open platform for ALL forms of expression, in any medium or language. You can sing, play an instrument, recite a poem, share some of your artwork, tell jokes, share a story, lead an activity, say a prayer, dance, act, do a live art piece, lead a mindfulness meditation, give a motivational speech, share some observations or even plug your upcoming event... You can prepare something, or improvise. Collaborate with others or do it alone. Aiesha opens and closes with a "free flow", which is an improvised piece based on the week's theme/suggestions.

>>> PWYC

If you have the financial means to contribute even a couple dollars a month, it will make a huge difference. You can send an e-transfer to ways to keep in touch:

> Please share your creative expression or inspiration in the Flow Friday group:

Flow Friday Facebook Page




Schedule and Guidelines


3pm - Opening discussions on the weekly topic/activities/work on projects individually or in a group
4:20pm - Break/networking
4:40pm - Work on projects/activities/games/brainstorming
5:40pm - Break/networking
6pm - Showcase and open mic, flowing into a jam
8:45pm - Closing discussions and intention-setting for next week
9pm - Café closes

*Schedule is subject to change

You don't need to attend the whole day - you can drop in anytime!

NOTE: There's a delicious selection of food and drinks available to purchase, so bring an appetite and try something new!


Option 1:
For those who have the means, I ask that you please make a donation of anything that feels fair, based on what you're getting out of the experience.

Option 2:
Those who don't have the means to make a donation at this time can volunteer. Please message me if this is something you'd like to discuss. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


>Please be respectful of one another
>If you feel that someone in the group is being disrespectful, please bring it up with them privately
>If the behaviour doesn't change, please let me know and I will mediate a discussion

This is an inclusive space, with many diverse voices. Bigotry of any kind will NOT be tolerated.

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