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Vocal Empowerment 

In this engaging workshop, you'll learn about the basic components of the vocal instrument, find a calm connection to your breath and body, discover the unique power within your voice and explore creativity through visualization, play and improvisation with a musical lens. Prepare to be gently guided out of your your comfort zone and into a space of vocal empowerment. With rooted sweetness and light-hearted depth, Aiesha's empowering voice inspires participants to remember their own heart song.  


Inclusive Leadership

Learn how to harness the power of inclusive leadership in a safe, respectful environment for sharing experiences and perspectives. Learn the skills that allow creative problem solving, organizational effectiveness and more engaged employees. This workshop combines  leadership development, DEI concepts, expressive arts and mindfulness modalities. 


Creative Compass

Creative expression is a skill that anyone can develop and there are countless benefits to it, such as reduced stress, improved confidence and a feeling of having more meaning in life. This is a relaxed, safe environment for exploring creativity using different modalities.


Music and Mindfulness 

The main purpose of the workshop is to help participants feel calm and uplifted by offering practical tools and activities based on mindfulness, music and expressive arts modalities. Participants report feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed!


Living Vision

A vision is a mental picture of the result you want to achieve. It’s a glimpse of the future that informs and energizes the present. In this workshop, you'll connect to an inspiring vision that gives direction, shapes your decisions, and allows you to make your goals and purpose a reality.


Allyship in Action:
An Anti-racism and Anti-oppression Workshop

Participants will:

  • Gain practical tools that empower them to have conversations about racism

  • Begin to develop skills for analyzing racism and other forms of oppression

  • Have a basic understanding of the dynamics of privilege, power and systemic oppression

  • Understand the role of implicit bias in upholding systems of oppression

  • Begin to understand how their own social identities influence their interactions with colleagues and clients

  • Recognize the importance of being a change agent and an ally

  • Attain actionable tips that enable them to be better allies

All workshops are customized to the participants. Please contact Aiesha to discuss your needs. 

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