About Aiesha

Aiesha’s creative expression journey started with poetry that she wrote to help herself cope with childhood trauma. She taught herself the basics of guitar and transformed poetry into songwriting, though it would be many years before she found the confidence to perform.
After a long period of learning and experimentation with different genres such as jazz, folk and soul, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and performed at jams and open mics around Toronto. At the same time, she developed her skills in drumming and dancing, which increased her connection to music. 
One of the latest platforms she's introduced into her toolkit has been live vocal looping, which allows her to create rich soundscapes using only her voice. She also DJs and enjoys incorporating live vocals and percussion into her sets. Aiesha is particularly gifted when it comes to improvisation and audience engagement, which she incorporates into a technique that she has coined
Freestyle Folk™.
One of her biggest passions is facilitating expressive arts-based healing circles and workshops where she can hold space for others to find their own voices. She is committed to using creativity as a tool to make an impact and does so with a genuine warmth that brings comfort and calmness to those around her. 

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