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About Aiesha

Aiesha’s purpose is to facilitate exploration that inspires transformation. She does this through coaching, workshops, training programs and holding space for creativity and open discussion.

Her creative expression journey started when she was 9 years old - she wrote poetry to cope with trauma. Over time, she taught herself the basics of guitar and transformed poetry into songwriting, though it would be many years before she found the confidence to perform. Besides being painfully shy, she had also been told she couldn't sing and was rejected from 2 different choirs. She felt like she had no voice, but there was something inside her, pushing her to step out of her shell and onto the stage. It was so persistent and powerful, she had to answer the call.

She did something that was way out of character for her and auditioned for a theatrical production, not expecting to get a part. To her surprise, she was selected for the part of an outgoing character and this challenged her to become more confident. She begun to realize the value of following her intuition and stepping out of her comfort zone.

She continued on this path - taking risks and being stunned by the results. It turned out that she had a voice after all - it just needed some nurturing. After a long period of learning and experimentation with different genres such as jazz, folk and soul, she started performing at jams and open mics around Toronto. At the same time, she developed her skills in drumming and dancing, which increased her connection to rhythm and deepened her appreciation for the healing qualities of music. 
One of the latest platforms she's introduced into her toolkit has been live vocal looping, which allows her to create rich soundscapes using only her voice. She also DJs and enjoys incorporating live vocals and percussion into her sets. Aiesha is particularly gifted when it comes to improvisation and audience engagement, which she incorporates into a technique that she has coined
Freestyle Folk™. 
Her biggest passions are designing, developing and facilitating workshops and training programs that enable participants to tap into their own sources of empowerment. She has a unique gift for holding space that allows others to find their own voices. As a transformational coach, she is committed to harnessing creative expression, mindfulness and change management methodologies to make an impact in her clients' lives and does so with a genuine warmth that fills spaces with calming comfort.

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