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My coaching process is called the INTUNE Approach which focuses on creative ways to: 

  • Build habits that stick 

  • Access flow state

  • Release limiting beliefs 

  • Develop confidence 

  • Clarify their vision 

  • Make their projects fun 

  • Relax into their work and 

  • Harness the power of creative expression

My approach is practical, not theoretical, so you'll be applying it to an actual project during our time together. 


Examples of projects: 

  • Decluttering a space in the home

  • Launching a product or service

  • Learning a new skill 

  • Completing a creative project

  • Making a career change

We get to the core of the procrastination and instead of bulldozing it, we work with it, finding ways to turn the barriers into allies.  

It took me 3 years to develop my approach which draws from these areas and more:

  • Vocal empowerment coaching

  • Leadership development 

  • Somatic approaches 

  • Habit theory 

  • Inner child exploration 

  • Transformational coaching

  • Expressive arts practices

  • Project management 

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