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Sample Mixes

SoulSis spins a wide range of styles, tailoring her mixes to the crowd, event and space. Listen to a selection of mixes on Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

Deep House & South African House

This is a promo mix for Safari Nites - a one-of-a-kind beach party happening every Thursday night at Cherry Beach with DJs, live drumming, art and beautiful vibes inspired by the glorious African continent.

savonne (3).png
DJ SoulSis (6).png

Funkalicious Groove Mix 

A delicious blend of funky house; nu-disco; groovy hip-hop fusion; deep, bouncy rhythms and classics from the funk and disco era. This mix is a new style I call "Funkalicious Groove".

Ecstatic Dance Mix

Ecstatic dance is freeform conscious movement facilitated by a DJ and incorporates a wide range of genres from around the world. I knew from the very first time I stepped on an ecstatic dance-floor that I wanted to explore this path as a DJ.

Aiesha Bristol-358.jpg
Aiesha Bristol-392.jpg

Equinox Progressive House Mix 

With uplifting melodies that incorporate elements of trance music; evolving soundscapes and smooth transitions, this mix will hopefully inspire us to welcome change with the same sense of peace that the trees do when they shed their leaves.

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