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Aiesha A.K.A SoulSis

Inviting. Inclusive. Inspirational.


Aiesha Bristol is intuitive and inspirational - an artist of transformation. She uses a wide spectrum of soulful platforms to deliver the gift of creative expression. Attuned to the rhythms of her own beating heart, her offerings are consistent in their substance and freedom. Her melodies manifest in the form of playful interactive performances, live vocal looping, DJing, drumming, artistic collaborations, sound healing, songwriting, business jingles, coaching and facilitated workshops creating community. With rooted sweetness and lighthearted depth, Aiesha’s empowering voice inspires listeners to remember their own heart song.


Creative Services


Live Vocal Looping

Freestyle Folk™

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Versatile Vocal Performances

DJing for All Occasions

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Sound Healing and Vocal Soundscapes

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Songwriting and Jingles for Businesses 

Coaching and Facilitation


Connect With Me

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