Aiesha Bristol A.K.A SoulSis

Founder / Facilitator / Artist of Transformation

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Aiesha’s purpose is to facilitate exploration that inspires transformation. Her mission is to create impact through  learning, coaching and creative experiences that evoke calmness, confidence and capacity for change. As an artist of transformation, she makes her facilitated spaces and workshops engaging, immersive and fun with a spectrum of soulful platforms, including mindfulness-based arts modalities. 


She has a gift for asking the right questions and a creative, compassionate approach to facilitation that empowers participants to solve their own problems. Her focus is on creating inclusive, non-judgmental, relaxed spaces where participants can safely engage.

She has a business management degree, majoring in Human Resources Management and 7+ years of experience providing innovative solutions to complex problems faced by a wide variety of organizations.

As someone who once thought she had no voice, she is dedicated to offering vocal empowerment coaching that brings about clear results. With rooted sweetness and light-hearted depth, Aiesha’s empowering voice inspires participants to remember their own heart song. 

Some of the music modalities she incorporates in her facilitated spaces include playful and soothing interactive performances called Freestyle Folk™, songwriting, live vocal looping, DJing, drumming, artistic collaborations, sound healing and business jingles. Her single, Brink of Change, from her upcoming album, Freeing My Voice is available now and has been described by many as a celebratory song of hope.


Inspiring Creative Experiences

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INTune Creative Inclusivity Statement

INTune Creative acknowledges and honours the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals and rejects prejudice in every form. Inclusivity is at the core of all our offerings. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that centres the voices of people who have been historically marginalized. 

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