Aiesha Bristol A.K.A SoulSis

Founder of INTune Creative

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Aiesha Bristol is intuitive, inviting, inclusive and inspirational - an artist of transformation. She facilitates inspiring creative experiences, while intuitively adapting her offerings based on the event or participants. She has a significant amount of experience providing workshops for diverse groups and is deeply passionate about holding space for wellness through creative expression. Her primary project is called Flow Friday - a dynamic weekly community gathering for creatives, change makers and entrepreneurs. 


As a musician, she uses a wide spectrum of soulful platforms, including playful and soothing interactive performances called Freestyle Folk™, songwriting, live vocal looping, DJing, drumming, artistic collaborations, sound healing and business jingles. Her single, Brink of Change, from her upcoming album, Freeing My Voice is available now and has been described by many as a song of hope and inspiration. With rooted sweetness and light-hearted depth, Aiesha’s empowering voice inspires listeners to remember their own heart song.

Aiesha is also an entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s degree in business management, majoring in Human Resources Management. She has 10+ years of experience helping a variety of organizations, with a particular interest in social enterprises and start-ups. As an enthusiastic facilitator of Diversity and Inclusion workshops, she combines her HR education, background working with diverse groups, an ability to create inclusive spaces and an innovative approach to training programs. 


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