Music and Mindfulness 

The main purpose of the workshop is to help participants feel calm and uplifted by offering practical tools and activities based on mindfulness, music and expressive arts modalities.

Vocal Empowerment 

Learn the basic mechanics of the voice, tune into your body, breath and brain, develop your unique sound and learn how to use visualization to help you find your voice in this transformative workshop.

Creative Compass

Creative expression is a skill that anyone can develop and there are countless benefits to it, such as reduced stress, improved confidence and a feeling of having more meaning in life. This is a relaxed, safe environment for exploring creativity in different ways. 

Living Vision

A vision is a mental picture of the result you want to achieve. It’s a glimpse of the future that informs and energizes the present. A vision co-created with a Higher Power of our own understanding gives direction, shapes our decisions, inspires action and allows us to make our goals and purpose a reality.

Diversity and Inclusion 

Learn how to harness the power of Diversity and Inclusion in a safe, respectful environment for sharing experiences and perspectives. Learn the D&I skills that allow creative problem solving, organizational effectiveness and more engaged employees. This workshop combines elements of D&I theory with expressive arts and mindfulness modalities. for a fun, engaging session.  

Reflection and Renewal

In this session, we use music and other expressive arts modalities to get into a contemplative state where we can define our next steps in our careers, relationships etc. We then bring energy into the areas of our choosing using a variety of tools. Prepare to be gently guided out of your comfort zone in a way that may provide a big transformation, 

Workshops are completely customizable. Please contact Aiesha to discuss your needs.